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Stillness Movement Nei Gong Workshop: 6 - 8 December 2014

“I thought I'd provide a review of the Stillness Movement Nei Gong workshop and the clinical application workshop, which I attended in Springfield, Missouri in December 2014. Both workshops were led by Michael Lomax (Ya Mu) with the assistance of his senior students.

This is a personal review of those workshops. I encourage other attendees on Tao Bums to post their own personal reflections on the workshops.

This was the first workshops with Michael; I traveled from Perth in Western Australia to attend it.

My past experience with Michael had been seeing and sensing his qi projection in a video clip: This prompted me to order his Gift of the Tao qigong DVDs, which I used to teach myself the movements. The DVDs and the video clip whetted my appetite to explore the Gift of the Tao system first-hand from Michael.

There were over 20 attendees at the workshops. I wasn't the only international student there -- two attendees travelled from the UK and Brazil.   The other attendees came from all over the USA.

My first -- and lasting -- impression of the workshops was of the enthusiasm and friendliness of the teacher and students.

I've been to numerous meditation and qigong workshops, but have never encountered such a welcoming community of people. I found myself quickly connecting with several of my fellow attendees, sharing stories of our spiritual journeys and the power of qigong, and sharing insight into how to perform the movements. The community spirit was fostered by a workshop dinner. After traveling such a distance and being so far from home, the community spirit meant a great deal to me.

Michael was a very personable teacher. I was hugely impressed by him greeting each of the attendees individually at the start of the workshop. There was no Guru-complex going on. This impression was reinforced by Michael getting his senior students to lead the workshop teaching of the three Gift of the Tao movement sets. Michael created a qi-field during the workshops, and this was responsible for the many breakthroughs that I and other attendees experienced.

During the workshop, we practiced the Gift of the Tao 1 and 2. We also learned the Gift of the Tao 3, a set of movements that has been revealed to Michael more recently. The power of all three movement systems has to be experienced to be believed -- they induce strong qi sensations within, alter the environmental qi and hugely elevate your awareness. Having practiced a handful of qigong systems over 18 years, the Gift of the Tao system has induced in me the most profound experiences of any system I have tried.

The teaching at the workshop was of a very high level. The senior students brought their own insights into how to perform the movements, and we had ample opportunity to practice each movement and to ask questions and seek clarification from the teachers. During the workshop, I was rather dizzy with the amount of information being imparted, but found that my understanding of the energetics of each movement enhanced incredibly. On my return home, I learned the Gift of the Tao 1 and 2 movements thoroughly in three days flat.   Nothing taught at the workshops went to waste it seems

Perhaps the highlight of the workshops for me was the "lighting the fire". This involved Michael projecting qi so as to unlock the attendees' ability to undertake high level qigong. As a result of Michael's qi projection, I experienced much spontaneous body movement and had several visions, such as seeing the heavens and earth open up.

I also attended the optional clinical application workshop. This workshop involved Michael and senior students teaching qi healing techniques. All attendees were then able to practice the techniques on each other to heal various ailments. The techniques are very simple yet profound. As a result of practicing the Gift of the Tao movements and Stillness Movement, you quickly develop the ability to amass and manipulate qi. Pretty much all attendees were able to achieve an 80 - 100% healing rate. The potential implications for our health care system of these techniques is mind blowing.

In closing, I am so glad that I attended the workshops. After arriving in Springfield on a wet cold winter's day and fatigued and bothered after much flying, I had nagging doubts about the wisdom of attending the workshop. Repeatedly I asked myself "what the hell am I doing here! Why am I spending this time and money coming all this way when I'm unemployed and should be looking for a job!" I am glad to say that these nagging doubts quickly left me -- the workshops were profound and life enhancing for me.

So there is no doubt in my mind that if you have the chance, do attend one of Michael's workshops.“


June 2014 Stillness-Movement Neigong workshop & 5 Days Intensive Review

“I had the privilege to be invited to study with Michael in a private intensive at his home as well as do the June Stillness movement seminar last month and just wanted to write a report on my experiences. This was an extremely lucky opportunity as Michael only accepts a limited number of students by invitation only for his private intensive.

I had found Stillness Movement through this website and had always been drawn to it, but never had the opportunity to study it as I'm from Australia and found it hard to commit to a seminar as a plane trip to the US was already 3-4x the seminar itself! In the meantime, I read Michael's book, got his Gift of the Tao DVD's and attended a distance class but always found it hard to commit to learning something properly without in person teaching as I find you pick up things you can't learn from reading a book. How happy I was when I got the invitation to study privately with Michael!

So I arrived in Missouri where Michael kindly picked me up from the airport only to find a fellow Australian had also been invited over with the same intention I had. I was so glad to have a fellow Aussie training buddy. And so the training began…..

Even though this was an "intensive", the days just flowed and was actually quite relaxed (in a good way). Just like how Michael runs his seminars, we didn't have any set schedule or plans in terms of training, but just went with the flow of things (very wu wei). Even though it felt like we hadn't done much at the end of each day, when I went over all the days activities , I realized we had done at least 5-6 hours of qigong plus learning the SM healing work.

The typical day consisted of waking up to go do qigong running at 7am where Michael slowly introduced the different aspects of qigong running such as stamina, pushing, swiftness and lightness over the 5 days we were there. This would be followed by breakfast, and then a few hours of Gift of the Tao 1-2-3 movements where we went through and refined the movements. After lunch and a quick siesta (we were probably still a bit jet lagged), we would then do some table work where we were introduced to Taoist Medicine and External energy projection(way qi liao fa). Then we would often finish the day with some sitting stillness movement before knocking off for "Miller time" and dinner.

The qigong running was an interesting experience and a good way to start the day. I have never been a distance runner myself, but found qigong running made it much more interesting and gave it a timeless quality. It was also interesting integrating and feeling the different aspects to it such as the pushing and lightness. Once the weather warms up here, I will definitely try to get into it more.

Even though I had learned the movements of GOT1+2 from the DVD prior to going, there were a lot of things I learnt from my experience going through the movements with Michael.   One of the things that definitely made it more interesting is practicing in an energetically charged area. Each morning we would walk over to an area where Michael normally practices and even an energetically insensitive person like myself could feel the shift in energy as we approached it. When practicing in these areas, energy is more palpable. When I came back home to Australia and started practicing, I was bummed out as I thought I had already lost the feeling of energy with the movements that I had felt over in the US. After a few days, I tried practicing somewhere else (only 10m away) and found that the energy was more palpable there as opposed to my normal practice area. Being able to feel the energy definitely helps with the practice (and your belief in the practice) especially with these set of movements which to the mind, look messy and "unconventional". (well to my mind anyway haha). I have managed to find some areas at my work that also feel more energetically alive which helps me practice throughout the day. Michael also helped refined some of the movements and target things I may have overlooked and explained the intent behind the movements which has definitely brought the practice to a new level.   We also had some animals come to observe and bask in the energy while practicing.

The table work we did in the afternoon was one of the things I was really interested in as I'm an Acupuncturist and Remedial Massage Therapist. We were pretty much thrown straight into it and started practicing it on each other 10 minutes into learning it. What Michael says about the Taoist Medicine is true that you have to practice it to learn it, and learn it by practicing it. It's one of those things that you just need hands on body time to pick up the technique, and just a lot more body time to pick up the subtleties of it.   I'm still a newbie at the technique and each time i lay my hands on a body to practice it, I learn something new and can pick up something a bit more subtler than I had before. So far I've been able to integrate the treatment with some of my patients with great success. People often feel very relaxed and floaty after. However, I've only been brave enough to do it mainly with my stress patients as it's hard to try new techniques with paying customers unless they are my trusted regulars.   I know I'm only scratching the surface with this technique and it is a lot more than just a relaxation/back treatment. Just read the thread about people's healing experiences with it to see the depth of this technique. Once I gain more confidence in it, I would love to transition more towards that technique like many of Michael's students who utilize it full time.

The off body work has also been interesting. I've utilized it often with people's secondary complaints with good success as well. One case was my receptionist, who I had been treating for tennis elbow with acupuncture for a month prior to going to the seminar. Although we could get the pain away with treatment, it would normally start coming back after a week.   I decided to let her be a guinea pig and did off body energy projection for her elbow for about 10 minutes and she hasn't really had any discomfort since. This has lasted 3 weeks now. Once again, I'm just a newbie to it all, but I guess this shows how powerful the system/technique is. These kinds of stories are very commonplace for Michael's students.

I won't write too much about the seminar as this post is already getting out of hand, and others can touch on it, but it was a great experience to meet other practitioners of SM, experienced and newbies like myself all mixing together. I learned a lot just by observing and interacting with the other students and listening to their stories and experiences. Definitely gave me motivation to practice daily. It was also great to meet other taobums and lurkers of the forum and able to put a face to the names.

Downsides? I would have to say those damn chiggers and maybe Michael's cooking! (just kidding Michael, it was a lot better than you give yourself credit for!) haha

I would like to thank Michael, his wife and Pippen for warmly welcoming us into their home and for the lovely hospitality provided. You won't meet nicer people than the Lomax's. Michael was very generous with his teaching, often overloading us with more material than was expected from him. He patiently and calmly answered any questions directed at him and often encouraged them. He's also just a cool guy to hang out with, sharing common interests in music, guitars and all things geek. Spending 8 days with Michael allowed me to see the life of a qigong master, and how human it is.   It is not about being secluded in a cave meditating, but to integrate qigong into your life and allow qigong to enhance it. You don't have to abstain from things, just use common sense and lead a middle path of moderation.   ou can still do everyday things while being in a qigong state, which Michael emphasized and epitomized through his living.

I would also like to thank my fellow Aussie training buddy, who was great to bounce ideas and experiences off, and for volunteering his body for practice haha. He also was good at asking questions to Michael as I would always seem to be blank when Michael asked "any questions?". And thank you again to the other students, as you guys helped me more than you know during class.

I've really only touched the surface of my experiences and am sure I've missed plenty. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

For those thinking of studying Stillness movement, I would highly recommend it. Like others have said before, try to learn the moves from the DVD before going to class as this will help a lot. After attending a seminar try to "embrace the system" as much as you can. Even if you can't feel anything, just continue to persist practicing as it is doing something even if you can't feel it, and with time you will feel a bit more. I am VERY energetically insensitive, and have found by practicing every day, the movements are becoming more and more palpable. Michael has a seminar in September with limited places so you should try and book asap. If I was in the states, I would be there straight away!

All the best,


“I’m the other Australian that attended the 5 days of personal training followed by the workshop. An excellent review by Adrian, comprehensive and articulate! I found out about SM through TB and was completely blown away by the 5 days of personal training and the workshop! Adrian described the 5 days of personal training very well and I have nothing more to add. The workshop was like a condensed version of what we learned during the 5 days of personal training. However, not everything covered in the 5 days was covered in the workshop due to time constraints. I greatly benefited from the personal training because up until that point, I had never seen the GOT I, II, III moves before and would have struggled to learn them properly in the 2 day workshop.   Furthermore, combing the 5 days with the weekend really upped the game on the training!The 5 days gradually built up to the workshop which felt like going through a rite of passage and initiation of sorts. During the projection, I got to touch a level that would have been beyond reach under normal circumstances! However, a lot more went on at the workshop besides the teaching and projection. There was a very strong Divine presence experienced at one point which filled the entire room and made a person want to fall to their knees. To be honest, I would say that “religious” would be a better word than “qigong” to describe that went on there. Not religion in the sense of organized religion, but true spirituality may be a better word. It was very intense.

The projections strongly affected, purified and attuned my heart and crown chakras such that afterwards I could connect with what feels like higher Divine energies expressed as pure devotion and surrender to God. This is my way of experiencing the energy but I think that every individuals experience will be unique. One thing is clear though, this isn’t your everyday type of qigong that you hear about. The system uses higher vibrational energy and is not your regular type of qi energy. Hence the name higher level qigong!

Michael is also a great guy with a sense of humor, which he surprised me with when I approached him at the airport and he presented himself as a non-english speaking German that could only speak Dutch! Haha! I also enjoyed spending time with my newly acquired Aussie friend and everyone else at the workshop. I’m humbled by the people I met there and would like to thank Michael again for a truly wonderful and life changing experience.”    Source:

Stillness-Movement Neigong Review - June 2013

“Hi !

“I read this forum for many years, but this is the first time I write.

I’m doing it now because recently I have decided to participate in a workshop and the reviews I read here were fundamental to take that decision. So, it’s time to contribute.

My first contact with Michael Lomax’s teaching was when I bought his DVD, Gift of Tao I (GOT I) a couple of years ago. At that time I was looking for some standing moving qigong to complement my quiet sitting. The first time I watched the DVD, I did not like it. The form looked very loose to me and I put it aside. My mistake!

More than a year later, after I read the positive reviews on this forum, I gave it a shot and practiced it. The first time I practiced I felt a huge difference in the “air” around me. I was intrigued by the effects and I ordered his e-book from amazon. The first part of his book deals with his experience in shamanic practice and the second talks  more about Daoist practice.

I felt connected with the main points about the Daoist practice and it was very close to what I’ve learned about the traditional method of cultivation in China.

1 – Stillness (exception for the spontaneous movement)

2 – Emptiness of the mind (letting go of the mind)

3 – Gentle gaze at the Dan Tian

4 – The opening of the channels should be a natural process.

5 – No real results will come without putting in much time & effort.

Even it is written in the book that this method requires an initial transmission, I started to feel very different while I was reading the book (a faraway metallic sound in my ears during the day, real focus on practice etc). Right away I started practice it, since it was not too different from my silent practice, the only exception was the hand position and no special breathing.

Making a long story short, I was looking forward for his next workshop, but I was unable to attend last year in Finland or the distance one early this year. I attended his last workshop in US, last June.

Here goes the Workshop Review:

The workshop was held in Springfield, Missouri, on June 22, 23 and 24 (Clinical day optional), at one of the Holiday Inn Hotel.

I arrived a couple of days earlier in the city and Michael was very thoughtful and sent me some indication for restaurants that I might like (I mentioned to him before that I like Asian-spice food) and requested his student to make contact with me. I had the opportunity to interact with 3 of them before the workshop, ask questions, hang out, dinner etc. They are very nice people, as all of the others students I interacted during the workshop.

Sometimes you go to a workshop and you see the students fighting between them, gossip about each other etc. I interacted with almost everyone and I felt like I was with family and friends. I mention it, because for me it says a lot about the teacher and also about the system.

The first day of the workshop started 9:00 am. I was the first one at the room and I can say the energy field inside it was very clear. It was very different from the rest of the hotel.

Michael and the rest of his students arrived and the workshop started in a very casual manner. He gave everyone a sandalwood soap, lectured a little about the effects of a few plants and how good they are to clean the energy. He made a lot of jokes and the vibe there was very good.

After that we started some warm-up with isometrics and a couple of the 8 pieces of brocade. One of his senior students was invited to demonstrate the GOT I, while all the others should follow.

Before the workshop I practiced GOT I from the DVD for about two months and it was great, but what I experienced there was fantastic. We were doing it much slower than the DVD, each movement was practiced for a long time while Michael and some of his senior student was correcting the rest. After a couple of movements you could feel the energy field changing even more, I was sweating a lot, all my pores seemed to be open.

After a little break to drink some water, we started to practice GOT II in the same manner. It is hard not to be amazed about those exercise. They are very simple, yet so powerful. The final sequence (Sequential Energy Center Activation, Balancing & Restoration) before the closing is the most powerful set that I’ve ever practiced. For me it is even better than GOT I and the rest of GOT II. Every time the energy descend, it gets stronger and stronger.

At the end of the morning session we did GOT III. I’ve never seen it before, so most of time I was trying to understand the movements, while Michael gave some hints about the energetic aspects. Even so, I felt the effects immediately.

Break time for lunch and then we did the stillness-movement practice for about one hour and forty minutes of sitting. Michael gave the group the transmission and this was the most intense part of the workshop for me. At the end I felt that was in some vast and soundless place. You see the hotel workshop room, but you do not feel you are there. Weird!

The first day was so intense to me that later that night during dinner, I had a hard time dealing with the energy inside of my body. After I eat, it started to calm down.

The next day before the workshop, I practiced the stillness-movement in my room. After a while my head naturally dropped a little and from nowhere the spontaneous movement started (I did not have any spontaneous movement during the transmission). I consciously stopped it, I was a little scared but it started again. Sometimes clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise, just right and left etc. I finished my practice thinking “WOW!!! What happened?”.

The second day we started with GOT I, II and III and it was also very energizer. Before we went outside to do practice with the tree, Michael requested their senior students to talk a little about their experience with the system and the healing aspects. Without any apparent reason, I felt a strong urge to cry like a baby. Their testimonies were beautiful, but the urge was not related with what they were talking, but with something that I do not know. I hold it until the class was dismissed and then I went to restroom to cry. Michael and one of his senior students were there and they approached me very gently. Michael put his hand on my chest, talked with me and I felt a great relieve after that.

After lunch we had more GOT III, demonstration about Daoist Medicine and one more sitting session with transmission. It was Rock n Roll all over again.

The third day we learned and practiced Medical Qigong on each other. I have a pain in one of my fingers from a stick fight, when I used to practice Kali-Silat. After the treatment it was much better, about 70%. One of the students felt a great relieve on hers hamstrings and you could see in her face how impressed she was. At the end we learned Daoist Medicine and was time to say goodbye. I’ve never thought about do healing, but the material was a great eye opener.

It was a terrific workshop and I look forward to join the next one. I have been in China a couple of times practicing sitting meditation and I’ve never been able to experience such high energy in only two days.

Michael is not only a powerful and accessible teacher, but a very cool guy. The energy he brings is really powerful. The feeling I have after practicing it, is quite different, is like being in a vast space, empty and soundless.”


Stillness-Movement with Michael Lomax

Hi all... I'm a bit nervous 'cuz this is my first-ever "real" post, and a review on a Qigong workshop that I attended just last weekend. Remember, I'm just an entry-level taoist here.

As a student of TCM, you tend to meet some interesting people in school, one of which is my classmate who does Medical Qigong. When I saw him work on another classmate's sprained knee (without even physically touching it) and saw the results, I was beside myself. From then on, I knew I wanted to learn this. And when he told me that his Master was holding a workshop relatively nearby in Indiana on 5/22-24, I jumped at the opportunity, despite having to miss class.

Before I attended the workshop I took the liberty of buying his book and DVD to get a good glimpse of what I may be learning, but I didn't go into it too deeply, I wanted to go in with an empty cup. I didn't really know what to expect when I got there, but when I first met Michael Lomax and shook his hand, I don't think I've ever met anyone with that kind of presence - and despite being in an arm sling due to a ruptured tendon in his arm, his presence was very powerful, yet you can feel the compassion and benevolence and healing in him.

On the first day, we had a good introduction to Qigong, as well as his background. During the lecture, he was talking about relaxation and living in the moment as if you were "stopping the world." Right then, he did SOMETHING... and I felt this rush of energy penetrate through my body, yet simultaneously experiencing this feeling of tranquility and calmness. My buddy and I, both new to this stuff, looked at each other wide-eyed like "WOW." We definitely made the right choice to ditch school to be there, I'll tell ya that much.

So we proceeded to learn his movement techniques called "Gift of the Tao." It's a series of movements made to (from my novice perspective) to playfully gather Qi. People who have Taijiquan or other internal martial arts backgrounds may find these movements a bit odd and may take issue with it (if they're purists), but bear in mind, this isn't martial arts, this is Qi cultivation (and yes, I have some experience in Taijiquan), so these movements were made specifically to gather Qi (especially for Medical Qigong purposes). And when you do these moves with pure INTENT (not intention), you can really feel them. And by "intent," I mean that instead of envisioning or trying something, you just do. You just feel it. Like what Bruce Lee said, "Don't think! Feeeeel!" And after a few minutes, instead of thinking about the Qi, I felt the Qi. I felt submerged in a gigantic tank of Qi, and every photon of light or neutrino penetrating through my body. 

So after the Gift of the Tao movements, we proceeded in the Stillness-Movement technique, which is quiet sitting. What makes this similar to Zazen is that you are quietly sitting/forgetting, but at the same time you're focused on your dantien and you're actually letting yourself move naturally, but without conscious effort. This is so Qi can circulate and relieve stagnation, as opposed to if you were to sit rigidly. We did this for an hour and it was amazing, especially when Michael started projecting Qi to all of us. And afterwards, I felt myself vibrating, like I was living in a higher frequency.

As I said earlier, his arm was in a sling due to a torn tendon and he seemed like he was in a lot of pain, and had very little range of motion. So to demonstrate Medical Qigong, he had four of his senior students work on his arm by projecting Qi. Honestly, I'm too new to really explain what happened there, but they all took turns projecting Qi onto his arm (so to not deplete themselves), each with a different technique. And I knew I was in the right place when he took off his sling with clearly a much larger range of motion and a lot less pain. By the last day of the workshop, he was without the arm sling altogether (or at least wore it a lot less).

So throughout the 3-day workshop, we worked on the Gift of the Tao movements, both sitting and standing Stillness-Movement techniques, exchanging Qi from trees and gathering while walking. You know, I never thought I could ever feel Qi from trees or plants, but after that day I could. We also worked on his Taoist Medicine technique, which I'm not necessarily qualified to comment on since it's so new to me, but he does mention it in another thread.

So overall, it was an amazing experience for me. I've been to a Qigong seminar before (by some other group), and it was a bit cult-like and creepy. I've read a myriad of books and watched a thousand more DVD's on Qigong... but Michael Lomax's Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong Workshop was, at least for me, both life-confirming and life-changing. Since then I've been nothing short of inspired. A lot of amazing things happened to me in that workshop in little ol' Terra Haute, Indiana, and I'm forever grateful.

Thanks Michael, and thanks Chris for introducing me to this wonderful art.”


Stillness-Movment Review

”For the benefit of others I would like to to post my experience with Stillness-Movement, medical Qigong, and Taoist Neuro-energetic healing.
First my background, I began martial arts training in 1976. I have had one primary instructor - Will Higgenbotham, Will had the wisdom to expose us to many different incredibly talented individuals. among thos individuals that I had personally trained with - some for many years up to today, include - Master David Gonzalez - received his 7th dan from Master Ed Parker; Professor George Dillman 10th Dan, (late)Professor Remy Presas 10th dan, and one of my favorites - Professor Wally Jay - 10th Dan - The only point I wish to make is I've studied Martial Arts with several top individuals and through this I've learned to respect many of the teachers not only for their physical ability but also for their ability to teach others and show a genuine interest in those trying to learn their art. I can generally tell within a instant if i like the teacher and more importantly if they know their material and if their material is worth learning (for me anyway). So i developed my teaching skills patterned after those that I had the highest respect for and that I thought would be most beneficial for any student that wanted to learn from me.

The next point on my background is that i've spent the last 21 years as a pharmaceutical rep. Think what you might of the industry - some of us are generally interested in improving patient outcomes and in helping those in need. plus, most of us are like min-pharmacists. by that I mean we have studied every system in the body - nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system - whatever system our medicine is related to. Whats more, we are trained in western ideas - including that complementary medicine doesn't work and how to pick apart a scam medicine or a scam study. After 21 years I can pretty well find the weak spot in any marketing or product approach. 

With all of this in mind I first attended a Stillness-Movement workshop by Michael Lomax in May of 2008. Probably after the 1st day Michael was probably thinking - look out we've got a wild hair on our hands - I was so excited about what I had just learned. Within minutes of the workshop beginning I was incredibly comfortable with the teacher - He taught the Qigong class much like I tought my martial arts class - simple easy to understand format and was more than willing to answer any questions. There were no bad questions - please ask..

Soy, michaels teaching style made a great 1st impression on me and then when we started to do Stillness-Movement - wow I could actually feel sensations of the Qi around me- and when we did standing-stillness I thought I was going to be in trouble because I couldn't stand still. It was liking I was being picked up off my feet -- little did I know that Michael was projecting Qi at me during this time. I read another post about the video that Michael posted and some questioning the validity of the video -- I wasn't moving that much, but I was bouncing around a fair amount. By the way - I'm the bald guy standing next to the guy that was video taped and I guarantee we were not paid or unpaid actors, if you notice I was peeking out the corner of my right eye thinking Holy smoke this guy is really moving about. Later in the 1st class Michael had performed some Medical Qigong - wow that was pretty cool but what was even cooler was when I got home after the 1st day my wife had a severe headache and was grumpy -- I got rid of the severe headache (witnessed) with one Qi blast - the grumpy thing we still have to work on. So for the 1st 2 days we did a couple of versions of Stillness - sitting and standing. Plus Michael taught us the Gift of the Tao - movement based Qigong. Now being a Martial Artist - I do 20+ Kata's and teach these Kata's and their meanings to students so i was very interested to see how Michael would teach this portion. He did a terrific job of making the movements easy and would work his way around the room to help anyone that needed personal help. I had to rate Michael up their with Professor Wally Jay - Professor Jay was always extremely helpful in teaching his art (fortunately I was his crash dummy often) but again Michaels teaching approach was more like - old friend let me help you with that. Day three - medical Qigong day -- the words to discuss this are tough - truly amazing is my best description. From My own perspective I've had Plantar Fascitis for years - lot's of pain that nothing has touched, my pain went from a constant rating of 8 out of 10 to about a 2 out of 10 - that was only 1 treatment. So overall, I couldn't have been happier with the money I invested in Michaels' seminar, but, one seminar was't going to be enough for me...please read on.

After 2 1/2 years I'm still attending workshops as Michael is teaching a Lineage. I receive something new at each visit and it seems like I'm ready to get the new teaching at that time. Stillness-movement is for me very easy to do - I can dedicate a great deal of time to this. First, I set aside time in am or pm for at least 1 hour of deep meditation. But, since I drive quite a bit, I can do stillness whenever I'm driving or traveling - why not, or when i go to bed at night - I don't sleep much anyway - might as well do stillness, so I end up getting in 5+ hours per day and the benefit of that comes through in my medical use of Qigong. Again, I'm a pharmaceutical rep so I'm in/out of Doctors offices all day. Almost all of the patients I've treated have been either a Medical Doctor, Nurse, or their staff. This is a tough bunch to convince that this stuff will work. However, I estimate that I treat at least 2 people every day, approx 400+ patients since I've started and my success rate is approx 95% or better. I credit this success to Michaels teaching ability, to the techniques contained in the lineage, and to the incredible power of stillness movement. One could say - your salesman you convince them it's going to work. Well I've worked on doc's wearing knee braces, wrist brace, neck brace - all gone after 1 treatment, RN's with diverticulitis, gall bladder issue, Migraine, on and on and still have that success rate. BUT, whats really amazing are the animals that I' ve worked on - mostly dogs. I have had 3 that had severe spinal injuries. My birdgog - x-ray confirmed disk damage w/spiny projections - he was crying and shaking bad - I did Taoist technique which put him into a deep sleep and the next day he was fine and hasnt had an issue since. 2 other dogs had just been injure and both were crying and dragging back legs - Taoist technique returned them both to normal - no further problems (1 witnessed by the Vet that called me and asked me to help)

Anyway i can't say enough about stillness-movement or Michael Lomax - Wang Juemin was a National Treasure of china and i believe we have our own Treasure here in the U.S in Michael Lomax. There is probably something he is teaching that you could add to your repretoire.

Thanks for reading,
kempomaster “   Source: Search for posts from “kempomaster”

Stillness-Movement Neigong Review

“I have not been posting too much on this site recently but felt it would be a nice thing to check back and write my review of Michael Lomax's June Stillness-Movement workshop in Springfield Missouri.

First off let me add that all the practitioners at the workshop were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone there was so friendly and I hope to have the pleasure to meet up with some of them again some time in the future. I would also like to thank Michael for being so helpful and down to earth with his teachings.

For my review I will do my best in describing my experiences but do to the nature of these types of events, I doubt I could ever fully portray what I experienced. Also the purpose of this review is not to outline the entire workshop in a linear manner (you'll just have to go to one and find out yourself if your interested), but to attempt to give others the feel of it and note some interesting events that I observed.

The room for the workshop radiated with positive vibrations. Even before beginning the workshop I was fine just sitting there basking in the energetics of the place. Practicing Gift of the Tao was much fun! It felt like swimming through a warm hearty soup where the broth was qi. Or as Michael would put, "floating in a sea of light". Later we cranked things up a notch and started doing Gift of the Tao 2. The energy, power and tranquility I experienced behinds these forms have not been matched since. There were many moments of sheer joy practicing both forms of Gift of the Tao throughout the workshop. Many people at the workshop, myself included and still am, were amazed at the how these movements can be SO simple yet SO effective and powerful. If you simply watch someone else doing them you'll never be able to comprehend benefit behind these forms. Its about the doing part, not the thinking about doing or as Carlos Castenada puts it, "A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting. " Something I thought was very interested was that we started out doing warmup "body oriented qigong" such as eight brocades and some more quick forms from the knowledge banks of Michael and I noticed that I could not or barely at all feel the energy from these forms. Then Michael jokingly said now were gonna do some "real" qigong and we switched over to Gift of the Tao and like a flash I instantly felt a change and lots of energy began being felt all around me. To me that was instant validation for the efficiency of Michael's system versus others that I have experienced.

The first day in which we did stillness movement Michael gave us all the projections. I felt different sensations around my body and almost felt like a wind was hitting me, I would still consider my personal energy sensitivity to be in its baby stages through, many people besides myself reported some very significant energy/spiritual experiences during the projection. After doing the sitting stillness-movement for around an hour through my whole body was vibrating with energy and I felt a supreme sense of peace within me. As far as I could tell I had no spontaneous movements that I could notice during the first sitting practice. After the workshop later that night I still felt full of peaceful vibrations and then something cool happened. I was just laying in bed reading when suddenly my whole vision lit up with bright white sparkles and lines, for a while before the workshop and a little during it I had been seeing occasionally a random white sparkle here or there, which Michael has told me means I am starting to see the qi. However that event after the workshop has definitely been the largest amount of qi I have ever seen.

The next day was full of more magic. We started with some more gift of the tao to get the energetics going and then kicked off into standing stillness-movement. I found stilling the mind and focusing on the dantian was much easier today after taking in so much positive energy from the day before. After standing there for a while I felt someone running around the room and a vortex like sensation had been created. In fact I even saw a vortex of spiraling purples in my vision which was really cool. While this was happening I could feel my energy body going to town and having a blast while the energy of the room was being taken to a higher level. Michael describes the projections he does as energy based information and until you actually experience that your rational mind says, "sure man whatever you say". However While I was standing there I kept hearing a particular thought that kept telling me to just give into the universe and reside in my dantian, it was interesting because I had not initiated this thought yet it kept trying to get my attention. I thought ok I'll try it and virtually as soon as I followed the thoughts advice my feet began vibrating, then pretty soon the vibration went up my legs, and then suddenly my whole body was bouncing/shaking/ vibrating/wiggling/flowing. Spontaneous movement was happening all over the place which is at the same time very cool and very bizarre the first time you actually experience this. When Michael finally brought us out of stillness movement I truly felt like I was in higher state of being with energy vibrating all over the place.

The third and final day of the workshop was the medical qigong part. This truly was a day of miracles as everyone who showed up had helped heal each other's injuries by at least 80 percent, many had their pains completely eliminated. This kind of healing really is unbelievable until you actually experience it for yourself. My partner treated me for my digestion problems I have been having. The treatment utilized both medical qigong and the Daoist medicine which were both very relaxing. What was very cool was that I could actually physically feel my digestive tract re-balancing itself after the treatment. Since then my bowel function has been much easier on me. The Daoist medicine really is something else and I felt such at peace with the world after receiving the treatment, it truly does put you into an altered state of being. I know my dad just about went to sleep after the treatments he received. I then went on to treat my partner for a broken toe he had received and had been having pain in the site of injury. I projected qi and pulled sick qi from the places Michael showed me to do and after only a 10-15 minute treatment my partner said that I had easily removed 80% of the pain he had been experiencing. Michael talked to us about low virtue and high virtue, where low virtue being regular everyday helping people out kinda stuff and high virtue when you actually give a part of yourself in helping someone and I know after doing the healing giving my own energy to the patient I felt a great surge of compassion that was quite emotional and if I could describe it would be a deep love and gratitude for being alive and part of this vast universe of ours.

There you guys go, that was a small taste of what I could linearly portray of my experience in Springfield; there were of course many more magical events but it would be impossible to describe everything. If anyone is in the least bit intrigued or interested by this system I would definitely recommend checking it out. I am not saying all this because I'm on Michael Lomax's secret pay roll, I writing this because I sincerely believe in the power and energy behind this system. The system really speaks for itself. My qigong history includes practicing wild goose qigong for a bit and I trained with Master Jo for a few months, however IMO both pale in comparison to the depth of Michael's practice. I have never had more energy awareness and development than with the stillness movement practice. I practiced Michael's Gift of the Tao DVD for about four weeks before attending the workshop and even just doing that raised my energy more than any other system I had done. There was simply no comparison between the Gift of the Tao DVD with the other qigong DVD's I had lying around the house.

I have been practicing each day for a week since the workshop and I have steadily noticed my own energy development increasing. I can only repeat the words "Sea of Light" to describe the utter joy and energy experiences I have felt with this practice. Anyone who would like to ask me anything feel free to PM me about the practice, but if anyone is interested in this practice I would recommend messaging Michael himself or seeking out some of the more advanced practitioners of this system from this forum. I plan on reporting back here after 100 days to describe where the practice has taken me.

Peace to all and good luck your practices,
Surfingbudda”      Source:

Stillness Movement Neigong and

Michael Lomax's 'Light Warrior's Guide' Book

“I suspect that if Michael Lomax was Chinese, wore the silk pyjamas and spoke in riddles, he would have people kicking down his door to learn from him. (Yes, I know I've written this before on another thread, but I like it as an intro). 

Probably a few years back now, I first encountered Michael’s book while doing a browse of the different qigong and martial arts books on While being drawn to the book, I was put off by the title and the cover-as well as the price. All of that was somewhat different to the usual books, with their pithy titles, nice artwork and price at around half the cost of Michael’s book. 

The old saying about not judging a book by its cover rings true though, at least in this case (and perhaps the old saying about finding things at their right time as well). What made me change my mind and make the purchase though was reading Michael’s comments and observations on ‘The Taobum’s’ Internet forum. Several things stuck out. 

Firstly, his calm demeanour in the face of an initially hostile reception (Michael had to address the negative comments on his book, posted by a participant of this forum) was impressive. This calm and pleasant attitude followed through to Michael’s general participation. While others, myself included, would get pretty irate at times, Michael maintained a pleasant, non-hostile attitude despite provocation. This is something largely unheard of in the world of internet forums, particularly those occupied by ‘spiritual seekers’ and ‘martial artists’. I was genuinely impressed. 

Secondly, his descriptions of his own experiences regarding qigong/neigong. I am no stranger to high-level neigong, having personally met the famed John Chang at the invitation of the author of ‘The Magus of Java’. I got to witness John Chang first hand in his home, as well as during his later visit to Greece. I also have a teacher with abilities like John Chang’s. Fair to say I have some experience of remarkable happenings involving qi and the spirit world. Michael’s own anecdotes of his personal experiences, as well as the abilities of his teacher, Wang Juemin, were quite fascinating. There are many bullshitters who make up fantastic claims, but Michael gave me the impression he was being completely honest and up front. 

Thirdly, a friend of mine attended one of Michael’s weekend seminars and posted a very positive review on ‘The Taobum’s’ website. Again, a very positive impression was given of the man. This is hugely important, as an ethical, decent teacher is fundamental in learning these practices. Being taught incorrectly, or simply being taught bad practices can be very damaging to both the body and the psyche-something I have learned from past experience. It is also inevitable that some of the character of a teacher will rub off onto the student. People subconsciously and deliberately pick up the character traits of those they interact with. 

Thanks to the Internet I was able to do some more research into Michael and particularly his teacher, Wang Juemin. Several people had visited him during the 1990’s and given remarkable accounts of their experiences with him. That Wang Juemin was a renowned qigong healer was something I was able to confirm myself, as I live in China and was able to get a Chinese friend to look into this for me.

From his neigong practice, Wang Juemin was able to survive nearly twenty years of terrible privation in a Chinese prison during the Cultural Revolution. This was a great boon to mankind as he had studied with, and was able to pass on to Michael Lomax, the combined wisdom of several of the greatest qigong masters of the twentieth century. That Wang Juemin had this wisdom was rare enough, but his willingness to share it with a non-Chinese made him almost unique. While Michael does not bang on about it, he does in fact have one of the best lineages of any neigong/qigong teacher anywhere.

So, from everything I had managed to learn, I finally decided to purchase the book. I was not disappointed. Perhaps the most important thing I found was that Michael’s comments in the book and his comments on the Internet were entirely consistent, even though there was a time gap of 8-10 years between them. The one sure way to spot a liar is that they inevitably contradict themselves at some point. Michael did not.

I thought I had had some ‘interesting’ experiences, having been around the likes of John Chang and others. They however seem to pale in comparison to those Michael details in his book. For those who have read the remarkable account of Wang Liping’s apprenticeship as the inheritor of the Longmen Pai lineage, (‘Entering the Dragon’s Gate), let me tell you Michael’s account is in many ways just as remarkable and fascinating.

Spirit guides that assist and guide the seeker when needed. Encounters with dark entities while helping the spirits of a Native American tribe ascend from their earthly bonds. Moving between the past, present and future in order to help others and himself. Moving between different dimensions. Last, but not least, meeting and learning from a remarkable master of neigong.

While the stories were all very interesting, they were not the reason I bought the book. I was interested in finding out more about the Stillness Movement neigong practice. I had read one review on where one person stated the inner quiet and peace they had got just from practicing what they had learned from the book (Michael himself recommends attending a seminar for the full benefit). Having experienced a few times a sense of profound stillness and peace myself, I was very interested in any practice that could deliver this.

The original reviewer on ‘The Taobum’s’ had expressed their disappointment at what they considered a basic practice being detailed. It is true that it is not a complex process, but I know from experience that seemingly simple methods can be very powerful in their results.

All good methods of neigong/qigong release blockages and enhance the circulation of blood and qi. By doing this, stored up injuries, both physical and psychological, are released. The speciality of this practice is the natural manner in which this happens. The body moves itself, without conscious prompting. This allows the body to work towards what will balance it, without following a prescribed routine of set movements that may or may not also do the job.

This natural releasing of blockages allows the circulation to regain a healthy state and the mind to move towards a peaceful and clear state. 

From my own experience I know the flow of qi was obviously enhanced (and I know the difference between real qi as opposed to just sensations). On several occasions I’ve experienced very noticeable feelings of qi during the practice.

Very interesting was the significant improvement of a long-standing shoulder injury. Other qigong had helped, but the Stillness Movement practice, in a short space of time, almost eliminated the pain completely. I am sure with continued practice it will remove the pain totally. Having lived with this pain for over three years, I was very, very impressed.

As the body balances out, the mind also comes to a more peaceful state. I find that simply from doing the practice, new and old issues arise but smoothly dissipate. It can genuinely be described as moving, healing, meditation.

As the practice can be done sitting down, it is very relaxing and does not require special breathing or any athletic ability to do. This means that an hours practice is not difficult to complete. I am a great believer in other forms of neigong/qigong also, but they can be physically and mentally difficult to practice for a meaningful amount of time. Stillness Movement is not.

For example, static standing practices are very good indeed, but do require a lot of stamina to practice over a long period of time. Simple sitting meditation requires holding a posture that can also cause fatigue. The movements of Stillness Movement prevent these issues from occurring and there is no resulting fatigue in my experience-either during or after the practice.

My own opinion is that this form of practice may indeed be related to the original neigong practice, as per the movements and dances of the ancient shamans. While following the practice, I’ve found myself performing qigong exercises that I had seen outlined in books but never personally practiced before. I’ve also found myself doing arm and waist movements reminiscent of Asian dancers, such as those in India or Bali. My arms would also do wide, sweeping movements, like they were gathering in qi. If I stood up I would find myself rotating around in circles. All of this was the body moving itself, none of it deliberate or forced. These lead to very definite energetic feelings and movements.

As well as detailing his personal experiences, Michael gives his insights into medical qigong (in which he is highly qualified and experienced), shamanism, and all manner of information related to energy and spiritual matters. While fascinating to read, as many of these aspects are not within my own personal experience I won’t comment on them.

Michael gives guidance on practice with the book that I also wholly agree with. That we are here to grow as individuals while being part of the whole is something I believe from my own experiences. Also that it takes consistent practice over a long time period in order to develop. It is all too easy to jump from one method to another and as a result see little to no improvement. Real attainment comes from daily practice of a method over a period of years. There are no shortcuts in that respect, though a good teacher can help a student progress, be it from correction or indeed using their own qi to help the student.

In conclusion, for someone looking for a practice that will enhance their life, or even add to their existing practice, I can very happily recommend this book. The stories will provide inspiration; the advice will provide useful guidance and the practice of Stillness Movement will benefit both body and mind. As with Michael, I strongly recommend that you find a teacher when learning qigong, and I am more than happy to recommend him and his method.”  Source:

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