Medical Qigong Certification  Program Revised June 1, 2008

Phone: four one seven - 274-0392


This program is for Healers who wish to apply Medical Qigong Techniques to heal others. This is a serious Medical Qigong program and is only for those who wish to professionally utilize Medical Qigong hospital and clinic techniques to help humanity. This program is designed to meet & exceed the requirements for certification by the National Qigong Association (NQA) as a Qigong Healer (Clinical Qigong Practitioner).


Requirements for Certification:


1. 420 class hours over a three year period plus attend 2 one week summer intensives. If you have attended prior training in Acupuncture, Medical School, Massage School, etc. we will be able to transfer up to 200 hrs into our program.

This includes the workshops in Missouri as well as out-of-state.                                                                       

2. You must log 750 hours of personal practice of Jing Dong Gong (Stillness-Movement Qigong).

3. You must have 6 semester hours of Anatomy & Physiology. We suggest your local community college.

4. You must have proof of having attended an acupuncture point location class. If you do not have this we can arrange a separate class for you.

5. You must pass a Medical Qigong Qi projection test. Testing will be done utilizing a volunteer patient and evaluated by a Qigong America committee.

5. Qigong Oral Presentation. You must prepare and present an oral presentation of your understanding of Medical Qigong techniques as well as the ethics and responsibilities required of a world class healer.


On a case by case basis we will evaluate your training level for existing training hours. In many cases these hours will be transferred to our program. In no instance will anyone be allowed to graduate from our program without a minimum of 300 hours direct training with us. This program differs from others in the type of Qigong training AND in the Medical Qigong methods. Students from NO OTHER PROGRAM have a higher result rate than students from our program.



What you will learn in the Certification program:


1. Jing Dong Gong - Powerful nei-gong Qigong form.

      Known as Stillness-Movement Qigong

2. Gift of the Tao - Advanced Qigong movement form.

3. Opening of the Gates.

4. Qi Projection Techniques - Hospital and Clinic based Medical Qigong treatment techniques.

5. Sequential Energy Center Balancing & Activation Qigong - Re-energize fast!

6. Advanced Qigong - Advanced Taoist and Buddhist techniques to improve your level of  Qigong practice.

7. Qigong First Aid Medical Qigong

8. How to protect yourself from negative energies.

9. How to raise your Energy Body’s Vibration Rate.

10. Taoist Medicine Neuro-Energetic Chi Kung Bodywork.

11. Walking Qigong / Running Qigong / Sleeping Qigong / Dreaming Qigong.

12. The advanced High-Level Qigong Healing.


This is a serious Certification program in Medical Qigong.


Fees: New Policy


We now require an initial $1,000 up front non-refundable deposit in order to enroll in our program. This helps establish a students commitment to the program. But this fee is offset by reduced workshop fees for those enrolled in the program. For example the normal $275 two day workshop fee is reduced to $225 for those enrolled in the program. Program enrollees are also given preferential treatment in having direct access by phone to Michael Lomax for any questions they may ever have. Register Now


Summer Intensive pricing separate.





Healing with external energy, wai qi liao fa.


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