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I have in the past avoided offering distance healing sessions, not because I couldn’t do it but because I stayed too busy in clinic. I have reduced my clinic hours and NOW is the time for me to start offering distance qigong energy healing. Pay for a Distance Qigong Healing Session Via Credit Card (Paypal) and send me an e-mail including a photograph with your phone number describing your concerns.  I specialize in the elimination/reduction of pain.


Chinese Clinical/Medical Qigong with Taoist Medicine Workshops for 2010


NEW! West Plains, Missouri July 24th and 25th

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West Plains, Missouri, Institute of Chinese Energy Healing 



2009 Past Workshops:

Workshop May 23,24 Brampton, Ontario, Canada - Another great workshop!

Workshop June 20,21,22 West Plains, Missouri, USA  - Another great workshop!

Workshop July 18,19,20  Indianapolis, Indiana   Another Great Workshop!

Workshop October 17,18 West Plains, Missouri  Another Great Workshop!

Workshop December 12,13,14 West Plains, Missouri  Another Great Workshop!

2010 Past Workshops:

Workshop March 20,21,23  West Plains, Missouri  Another Great Workshop!

Workshop May 22, 23, 24 Terre Haute, Indiana Another Great Workshop!


Workshops description: Qigong and Clinical/Medical Qigong. This class is open to all, beginning to advanced. Everyone will practice Stillness-Movement and Gift of the Tao Qigong. OTHER qigong methods such as Walking Qigong, Sleeping Qigong (leading to the VERY POWERFUL Dreaming Qigong), Tree Qigong (and Running Qigong if an interest develops) will be practiced as well. An optional extra day is for those that wish to learn Medical Qigong Applications and Taoist Medicine Neuro-Energetic Qigong Bodywork. The Stillness-Movement Qigong is the base from which the medical applications come from. ANYONE can learn, in the first two days of the workshop, powerful self-health methods.

Clinical Applications is for: Intermediate to Advanced; must be enrolled in the weekend workshop and must have attended a prior weekend workshop and be practicing Stillness-Movement or have experience with another system and the permission of the instructor.

A new Independent review of a Stillness-Movement workshop from the taobums website

Simplified case studies of Taoist medicine  from the taobums website


These workshops are sponsored by the Institute of Chinese Energy Healing in West Plains, Missouri, a clinic offering guaranteed pain relief or no fee!

Call to schedule a workshop in your area for 2010! Learn a powerful qigong form!



Here are just some of the comments students have made after attending our workshops:


These Stillness-Movement workshops are a jewel for the West Plains area.  The practice of Stillness-Movement Chi Kung has greatly improved my health and qigong practice.”


I love taking workshops with Michael. I learn something new in every class and I never regret attending any of the workshops.”


Each time I attend a workshop given by Michael Lomax I attain a clearer grasp of my life’s energies -What could be better?”


“The methods of Qigong given in the book A Light Warrior's Guide To High Level Energy Healing have produced unexpected benefits. His instructions are clear and very effective in producing results. Reading the book and going to one of his workshops is highly recommended. Michael Lomax’s spoken words and actions also confirms his will to help anyone and his dedication to Qigong and his readers.”


“...And if you ever have the chance to study with him in a workshop, do it! He is amazing in person!”



Michael Lomax is certified as a Level IV (senior) teacher of Medical Qigong

by the National Qigong Association - NQA (www.nqa.org)


Pay for a Clinical Qigong Session Via Credit Card (Paypal)


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The Institute of Chinese Energy Healing Natural Pain Relief Clinic in West Plains, Missouri is accepting clients. We specialize in the elimination of pain syndromes.  Our school of clinical qigong and the clinic share the location. We hold our qigong weekend  workshops at this location. Those of you enrolled in or thinking of enrolling in our 500 hour Clinical Qigong Certification program will find it easy to complete the program due to this centralized location. A nice but economical motel is next door so students can walk to the workshop! We invite clients to call us for appointments for clinical qigong and Chinese Taoist Medical Therapeutics.  NEXT workshop July 24,25,26 in West Plains, Missouri; beginners to advanced. 

A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing


As a faithful tai chi and qigong practitioner, I was interested in Michael's Stillness/Movement Qigong in Chapter 3. So I decided to try the method for the hundred days suggested to give it an honest go. Within two days I made this qigong meditation part of my daily practice. If you've ever achieved that deep pure beautiful space, the high level connection with all--Bliss!--but then never quite achieved that state so well again, this is the method and the book that will get you there.”


Michael is a wonderful teacher.

His willingness to teach others this awesome class makes him, in my opinion, a powerful and (hidden) treasure of the USA.

His insight and intuitiveness is so refreshing and right on. No pretense - Pure technique!”


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The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”    Albert Einstein


“Stillness-Movement Qigong awakens our Sacred Gifts.”   Master Wang Juemin



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